small, lightweight vacuum rec?

Sep 30, 2007
VA (DC Burbs)
OK, we have a HUGE HEAVY vacuum for when we had all carpeting, but now the only carpets we have are upstairs and on the stairs. Otherwise middle level is laminate and tile in the kitchen and vinyl tile in the lower level. For around the middle level and kitchen, I use the Swiffer quick vac and it works GREAT. BUT... I have a big carpet in our entryway and it always looks like crap because it picks up EVERY piece of cat fur, dust, lint, etc in the ENTIRE middle floor. I really should vacuum it daily, but carrying a big a$$ vacuum and and down the stairs is not my idea of fun and we have nowhere to store a big vacuum in the middle level either.

So, I'm wanting to get a lightweight yet GOOD vacuum for the front carpet and perhaps to be used on the playroom area carpet too.

Do Bissell carpet cleaners (you know the ones you see restaurants using) work good enough for day to day cleaning? Or what? I am tired of it looking I'm super untidy because I skip a day of vacuuming this darn thing!!!


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
New York City
those bissell cleaners aren't good enough for day-to-day house cleaning, imo, and they'll NEVER make a dent in pet hair, but you should be able to get a basic bissell or hoover vac for less than $100 that will do the job. in fact, Hoover makes a vac called the Tempo that costs around $60 and is VERY well rated by consumer magazines. i work for best buy, and we carry it in most stores, but places like target might have it as well.


Nov 22, 2006
Oreck is very light and is and upright vacuum. It also has a separate canister for when you need to get the cobwebs from high ceilings. It comes as a set - expensive, but worth it!!! Go to for more info!