Small Grand Shopping Tote

  1. CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America has one small black caviar GST for $1150 available. Also, two beige for $1150. Both colors come with gold hardware.
  2. One black and one beige are still available today, Sunday Feb 4.
  3. Just curious, will those GST and Cambon ever go on sale in the coming months?
  4. I do not believe so. I have not received any information that would suggest a sale on those items.
  5. CHANELboy - Can you tell me what is the current price for GST and Large Cambon Tote?

    Thanks for the info.
  6. VERY unlikely GST would ever go on sale.
  7. is this the petite gst?? how come when i called Saks today, they said it costs 1075?

  8. That was the old retail price. It was increased to 1150 on Feb 1.
  9. I love the petit gst - Its such a cute style.
  10. Does anyone else see the humor in "Small Grand Shopping Tote" ? :rolleyes:
  11. lol
  12. haha, it's an oxymoron :nuts: i didnt even know this existed
  13. Hey Chanelboy did they happen to have the small tote for about 1500 in black?
  14. LOL Lu! I think it's more comonly referred to as the Petit Shopping Tote!:yes:
  15. oh duh!! :push: for some reason i thought that Chanelboy was talking about the little gst that Yorelica had, the one that was more square than the petite shopping tote with the diff.compartments.

    hmm i couldve sworn the petite shopping tote was $1050 when I bought it and not $1075 but I might be mistakening the prices for that and the e/w