Small goodies from a quick outlet run!

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  1. Okay...most of the following aren't for me...but it's still fun nonetheless!!

    First up...a small item that a fellow tPF member asked me to keep an eye out for...I found it and swooped it up for her...hope she likes it!!

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  2. Oh too cute! What else ya got??
  3. This is for my's almost her birthday and she's off to Mexico, so I figured this would be perfect for her!!

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  4. And this is for me...I love the print very much!!

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  5. I saw that scarf tonight and it's sooo cute! I love it. Did you see the turquoise patent totes that go with it so well? :drool: Beautiful!
  6. I did see the totes...

    Personally I'm not a big MFF bag person, myself. To many full priced bags that I LOVE...and if I'm going to buy something, well, it's gotta be love.

    I bought a white Ali a week or so ago, and I think the scarf will be perfect on it! It's a perfect punch of color for summer. The blues and greens and yellows remind me of South Beach for some reason.

    Coach doesn't release many scarves in bright colors...lots of pinks, browns, blacks, some navy blues, lots of accessories for Poppy and more muted tones...but this is like "bam!" and I am loving it big time!
  7. oh yes that is so so so lovely,,,,,,,,,,,congrats
  8. congrats!!
  9. Thanks all!
  10. Nice goodies! I love the print on the coin purse; I bought the camera bag and large kisslock wristlet in that same print and love them!

    Beautiful scarf too :tup:
  11. Hi would u please tell me the price for the kisslock?? TIA
  12. Gorgeous haul! Congrats!
  13. The coin purse was $78.00 originally...half off that and with the 20% discount it came out to $32.00 before tax.
  14. cute!!!!
  15. Cute items! Love that scarf!