Small Ergo Hobo Modeling Pictures?

  1. I've searched but haven't come up with anything...does anybody have pictures of themselves modeling a small ergo hobo? I'm really interested in the black signature but any small will do. I just want to see how they look, as I'm very far away from a boutique. TIA!
  2. **bumping an old post instead of starting a new one**

    I'm slowly becoming obsessed with this bag...when I leave work, I pass by another office on our floor, and the receptionist has this bag sitting behind her on a shelf...I ADORE it.

    But I'd love to see modeling pictures too...and I'm curious to know if it's a good "pick up with one hand, bend elbow, swing it up on shoulder" type bag.

    also...this is the "smaller" of the the large one really large?

  3. I went into a boutique this weekend and the medium is small to me, whereas the small is really small. I thought the medium would be bigger, but for what I would like it's not. It will totally fit over your shoulder, but for me I wish it were a little bigger because I too was obsessed with that bag! BOO!
  4. I feel ya there. I wonder if someday I will regret the big-bag binge I've been on in the last year or so...

    I love my khaki sig large ergo, fwiw. It's so light AND it slouches in a really comfy way against my body under my arm.