Small College Chic Collection

  1. I can't afford much with paying for school and all but I definitely save up for a lil' splurge now and then. I will post my very small collection and will continually post new pics as I add new bags to my 'collezione'. ;)
    2006_0301pursepicsmarch20060001.JPG 2006_0301pursepicsmarch20060002.JPG 2006_0301pursepicsmarch20060003.JPG 2006_0301pursepicsmarch20060004.JPG
  2. Nice shade of green on the Juicy Hobo, great pieces !!
  3. What a great collection! I totally understand, balancing between paying for education and funding the handbag habit. Ha! :wacko:
  4. Great collection. Love the Speedy...
  5. Nice collection! A bit of this and that.
    And don't worry about it being a small collection. We all started somewhere.
  6. Those are really nice bags!!!
  7. You have a nice collection! I like the pink bag!!!
  8. I wish my college collection looked like that. You have some very pretty bags- love it. :smile:
  9. The denim speedy is cute :love: Thanks for sharing!
  10. I love the neo speedy, that's more than I can afford in my own 'college chic' collection ! ;) Great bags !
  11. Nice collection!!
  12. Thanks for sharing. Nice collection!
  13. Very nice!
  14. love the lv! nice collection!
  15. Beautiful bags! I adore that speedy!
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