Small but loved collection

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  1. I've been a passive viewer of this site for a while now and this is my first time posting. Hope your ladies will enjoy my humble collection.:smile::smile::smile:
    IMG_2258.JPG IMG_2260.JPG IMG_2256.JPG IMG_2265.JPG IMG_2263.jpg IMG_2269.JPG IMG_2271.JPG IMG_2266.JPG IMG_2272.JPG
  2. Just fabulous! That's a good variety you have there. I'm right behind you on TPF.
  3. Beautiful, classic collection! I love your chanel
  4. Very classy. Love it!
  5. Love your collection
  6. Very nice collection. Especially the puppy! :smile:
  7. Beautiful!
  8. Gorgeous collection, just perfect!
  9. Lovely! And your little friend is just cute as a button!
  10. Your collection is gorgeous! I feel like you have some really special representative bags, love them!! Ahhh, those puppy eyes are melting my heart :biggrin:
  11. Thank you!
  12. Thanks~
  13. Thank you! This is my one and only Chanel bag. Very practical and classy without being overstated. :biggrin:
  14. Thank you! hehe He ran in front of the camera while I was taking the pics. Guess he wanted to be included!:biggrin::biggrin:
  15. Thank you!