Small Bottega Veneta Loop bag, special edition - or how I ignored three of my bag rules

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  1. #1 Oct 8, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2017
    Ok, so I have these rules, painstakingly learned through trial and error:
    1) Bags with more than one color are hard for me to match - I like all the colors I wear to match just so
    2) It is difficult for me to keep light colored BV-bags pristine, so I should just stay away from them
    3) I find bags without som sort of closing mechanism - could be just the magnetic kind - unpractical

    Here is my new bag then:
  2. The bag is from resort 2018 as best as I have been able to research it, and by some miracle it appeared on Vestiaire Collective at a very reasonable price.

    I could not resist.

    I love the colors, and even though there are three of them, they do go with much of my wardrobe, and that makes me justify it.

    I like the design of the bag, and that it has room enough for me to use it to work once in a while, IMG_1507472867.388426.jpg IMG_1507472886.981034.jpg or otherwise it is small enough to use when going out shopping or other casual activities.

    I think the size fits me well (ignore the outfit), and I will do my best to keep it from getting dirty....
  3. Louise! It's gorgeous! I cannot imagine a more worthy bag to break rules for! Yay, and congratulations!
  4. It's stunning!!!!! :loveeyes:
    such a unique thing, it would be a crime to pass on it!! Well done on breaking your rule!! :tup:
    wear it in good health!
  5. Too funny how you broke all of your bag rules! Your beautiful bag was worth it.
  6. Rules you make are the rules you can break!

    Congratulations it's so pretty ad looks very good on you :tup:
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  7. Thank you all for the kind words - I’ll be reporting back to you on how it works out. And yes, I agree, sometimes you have to break the rules for the right bag!
  8. Love it!
  9. What a gorgeous bag! The color and design is neutral enough to go with any other color. Totally worth breaking the rules!
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  10. Stunning bag. It is artfully designed with color combination that goes with anything. Definitely worth breaking the rules!
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  11. I really appreciate the understated uniqueness BV does with their special treatments. This is lovely.
  12. How cool you got a next season bag so early! Well done!
  13. I know! I am so happy - I usually buy pre-loved, and therefore I seldomly have the new bags, but this time I am ahead
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  14. Congratulations! Elegant bag. I like this small loop too.
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  15. I agree that rules are great guidelines but sometimes have done their job and need to be broken. I have to say that tpf has gotten me to be more adventuresome. Seeing how the rest of you put things together is inspiring.
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