Small Agenda Help

  1. Hi all, for those of you who has small agenda, especially the vernis one, does the button of the snap closure moves up and down? Mine does. I am not sure if it's normal or not. You input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I am not exactly sure what you mean but mine doesn't move at all (it is also stuffed so that may be the reason).
  3. Not sure what you mean? Do you mean when it's closed there is play in the button? If so, no, mine does not do that. Once it's closed the button is pretty much stiff.
  4. I hope this time I can describe it better. When I open the snap button, the bottom part, which is attached to the cover, is loose and can be lifted. How about yours?
  5. Mine doesn't and I am pretty sure that your's shouldn't. Can you bring it back to the boutique?
  6. :s mine doesn't do that, its snug to the cover. are you close by to a counter/boutique? maybe stop in and see what they think
  7. hmm.. mine doesnt move?? maybe go to the boutique and see if it's normal
  8. YES, my agenda does that and it makes a clingy noise. I'm not very picky, so I think it's normal. Then again.... lotsa people here seem to disagree with me sometimes about 'quality' issues.... so ya, if it bothers you, then go return it.
  9. That can happen with the agendas and wallets (on the snap parts) - you will probably need to get it replaced (the snap part) - they can do that fairly easily - will take a few weeks and they likely will not charge you.
  10. Thank you all for the answers. I got it when I was in Hawaii so hopefully I can return them to local store.

    BTW, stores in Hawaii have at least 4 mandarin speedy 25 as of last weekend if anyone is interested. They can only ship to someone who has bought things in their local stores.