Slouchy shoulder bag !HELP!

  1. I've been searching high and low for a soft slouchy shoulder bag, and haven't come up any. :confused1:

    Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? I love the Kooba look, but not so into the woven detailing it has.

    I am in the SF Bay Area, and visited Margaret O'Leary in Berkeley. The window display had a handbag made by Blur (?) from Los Angeles. The bag was super soft, and I do not mind springing out $$ but, for $600, I wish I have heard of the company.

    Saks had their 20% off saksfirst members, so needless to say, I was there but came out empty handed.

    The bag I am looking for, I'd like to use pretty much year round, neutral color, and be able to take to work, shopping, etc.
  2. i just discovered the balenciaga 'day' bag... and it seems to perfectly fit your description... i've been looking for one on eBay, and you could most likely find one for 700-1000. the leather just seems so wonderful, and there are so many gorgeous colors (and neutrals) to choose from.
  3. Or maybe a Balenciaga hobo.. those are roomy, you can carry them on your shoulder and usually Bal leathers are very very slouchy and soft.
  4. what about the coach carly or tano boogie bucket?
  5. I love the B Day bag, as well as the Tano Bucket. I'll keep an eye out on these. Thanks for the recommendations. I'm always open for more suggestions!!!
  6. I personally prefer Balenciaga, but also wonder about the Gerard Darel Charlotte?? That's certainly soft and slouchy.
  7. def. balenciaga

  8. I have never seen this in stores, but from the picture, the leather looks super soft, bag has the perfect slouch, and looks like it can accomodate the things I carry - cellphone, wallet, son's DS, etc.
  9. Balenciaga! They are so light and super soft!
  10. I love my Dior Cannage Drawstring. It's not too slouchy, but definately not structured and it fits nicely on my shoulder.
  11. If you don't mind big bags, then I'd recommend Be&D's Crawford tote. It's really big, but the leather's amazing and it slouches nicely.
  12. I have a Balenciaga Courrier, which is a huge rectangle of leather that slouches like crazy yet holds a ton of stuff.

    I also have a Hayden Harnett Havana Hobo, pic attached, courtesy of HH. It's super-soft leather, holds a ton, and you can find authentics on eBay for $100+ they usually retail on HH website for $400+. I got mine on the Spring Sample sale for $180.

    Good luck!

  13. I love the style and slouch of the Kooba Devin - that definitely tops my list. I'm weary of buying anything from ebay, esp when they say something like: " 1000% Guaranteed authentic" .!! Is the 1000% guarantee supposed to make me feel better than 100% ??;)

  14. Where can I find sample sales for HH bags?