Sloane or Veneta

  1. I want to buy my first Bottega but I can't make up my mind which one to choose Sloane and Veneta or maybe Ball and I will choose between the 3 classic colour. My skin is fair. Please help.:confused1:
  2. hi trinie,
    another singaporean:p

    personally, i would go for the veneta as i find the sloane too bulky (at least for my height although some pple like the size). go for either ebano or nero. you wont go wrong with any of these choices.

    good luck and please share your purchase when you get it.
  3. Welcome to the BV board, trinie. :welcome:

    The Veneta is the classic BV bag. Notwithstanding, the Sloane is fast gaining grounds in terms of popularity. Since its launch a year ago, it's the no. 2 top selling BV bag after the Veneta. As mentioned by kopibaby, it's quite bulky in shape. Alternatively, you could go for the Pyramid, which is a more compact version but with a zipped opening instead of the magnetic flaps. Downside for the Pyramid is the colour choices are limited, only Noce (hazelnut) and Moro (black brown).

    As for the Ball, there're currently still 2 versions available I think (correct me if I'm wrong). Do a search here and you'd be able to find discussions on their differences.

    Feel free to ask more question, we're all here to help you. :smile:
  4. Welcome! All BVs are beautiful but I personally love the veneta and would recommend that for a first BV. It's beautiful and practical. I find the sloane a bit bulky and hard to wear as a shoulder bag. I also love the ball and the campana. Ebano or nero are classic color choices! Let us know what you decide. :tup:
  5. welcome trinie!:smile:

    I wish I knew how to answer your question since I adore both bags but for your first purchase, I would recommend the veneta b'c it's the classic piece, afterall it's called bottega veneta :smile: On the other hand, i would definitely recommend getting a sloane in the future. I found the magnetic closure to be extremely helpful when you try to reach in for something quickly. Although the shape is quite bulky, I think it hangs extremely well over the shoudler and you can rest your arm comfortably on it. So my vote is to get both :tup: i guess i am not much help here.:shame:
  6. I'd go for the Sloane because it slouches so nicely. I have the ball bag (old version in ebano) and can highly recommend it as it's a fantastic bag with the 4 little extra compartments. I'm not to fond of the Veneta because it has no real bottom so therefor it can't stand alone.
    Another option like someoneelse already mentioned is the New pyramid which isn't as bulky as the sloane. I really love this one, too and I have it in noce.
  7. I'll vote for the Veneta because it is BEAUTIFUL!
  8. I have both, while I love the sloane for its slouchiness the veneta is so easy to wear on the shoulder.
  9. sloane!
    i love how the woven leather looks even more buttery all slouched up hanging off the crook of my arm.
  10. i personally like veneta on the shoulder. the sloan is a better arm bag though.
  11. I have all three - two Large Veneta's in Ebano and Nero, a Sloane in Noce and a Ball in Nero:love:

    I love them all but do find myself using the Ball most often - simply because I love the compartments :yes:

    You can't go wrong with any of them although for your first BV then the Veneta is the *classic* choice :flowers:
  12. Sloane or Ball. The Veneta is just to flat. All are classic. You won't go wrong with any of those.
  13. bOTh~!... :push: As your 1st BV... go with the classic Veneta. Then soon after that you'll catch the BV bug.. then purchase the Sloane. Both are beautiful bags.. can't go wrong with either. G:huh:d Luck~! ;)
  14. I like bags with flat bottoms so I don't own any venetas. I do love the new ball bag! It sits well on the shoulder and the arm. Unlike the old ball version, it does not have a zippered middle comparment. Instead, it has a zippered pouch that runs the length of the bag. The bag has a middle claw closure. Initially, I was concerned about security but it's impossible to pull out the pouch with the closure engaged. I also love the new pyramid style and found one in scala at NM.
  15. Is the new pyramid their classic too?