Sloane color help please...

  1. wow, both colors are gorgeous! and i do think they´re limo and op respectively, but i so couldn`t chose one!
  2. i know for a fact that they are old petra and limo. as for which to choose, the very unhelpful answer is "both" or "whichever one you love more". keep in mind that old petra is not a color they will keep making whereas i have heard that limo is going to be in their permanent collection.
  3. love both of them! :smile:
  4. i love right regarding the colours. hard choice!!:confused1: i have developed a hankering for something in old petra!! cant afford a bag at the moment. so my choice would be the OP.:tup:
  5. OP - the sloane is great but in limo doesn't 'work' for me - don't know why.
  6. Have you decided on any, chitowncat? My vote's for the Old Petra. As much as I love Limo, I think the Sloane in Old Petra would be TDF! :yes:
  7. I haven't decided yet - I think you're right though...old petra is probably best. I am just making SURE that I love the shape of the bag. I've been re-examining all of the tpfers' pictures here. I think I would love - just want to be positive before I ship it from another country! I'll keep you posted! thank you all for your opinions!
  8. like the old petra the best. Good luck with your decision!