Slinkies was spoiled rotten...

  1. 'twas the week before Christmas... and not one, but two Balenciaga goodies landed on my stoop! :nuts: First was a present from a dear friend :heart::heart::heart: - 05 Bordeaux Shoulder! (Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!) And second (but certainly no less exciting!) - 03 Lilac flat clutch in pristine condition - major round of "merci beaucoups" to another lovely lady for helping me obtain it:love:.

    First up, the two new beauties:

    and here's a group shot of all my little guys

    L1020498TPF.jpg L1020494TPF.jpg
  2. Gorgeous...I love all of your treasures!!!
  3. OMG more accessory posts!!! God I need to get my hands on a make up clutch like these badly!

    That bordeaux is stunning....*cries*
  4. all your accessories are SO cute!!! can't wait to get my hands on a MU too...hope i am as lucky as you are in tracking down a color
  5. Serious drooooooooollsss:drool::drool::drool::drool:. Girl can never have too many Makeup Clutches :girlsigh:(authentic ones, that is :cry:smile:. Looooooove your collection, my sweet Slinkies :heart:. I'm so enjoying watching it grow so meticulously and lovingly :love:. You have the best taste.
  6. i'm rendered speechless...seriously :girlsigh: congrats!
  7. Deco:heart:!!! Thank you! You have fabulous taste yourself, and your astonishing collection reflects this. I've had a lot of luck and a lot of help ;) in my sloooow, obsessive search. Have to admit, the process is part of the fun!

    annemerrick, karenab, mabli, and glossie - thanks for the compliments! I've been on the prowl for a long time and have been very lucky.
  8. Wow slinky, your accessories look hot :love: I am in love with the Bordeaux shade, and that Lilac clutch!!! Fantastic!
  9. Oh! They are cute cute babies!:tender: Congrats!
    I want MU soooo bad!
  10. Slinkies Merry x-mas.:heart: I love your collection girlie.:tup: I am so happy for you.:yahoo:
  11. Ditto!! I love the look of the makeups- the perfect accessory! I keep wanting to get a makeup and/or coin purse, but then actual bags take priority!! That bordeaux makeup is TDF!!! :drool::drool::drool:
  12. wow gorgeous collection of accessories! love them all!
  13. you're such a show-off, girl! ;):heart:
  14. I just love the color palatte of your little guys :love:
  15. So pretty ... absolutely love love the colors! Your little guys are too cute, I want them all!