Slim Carly = Not So Cute to me

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  1. I fell in love with the slim Carly on the website...

    Then today in Lord and Taylor I saw one in person for the first time and couldn't believe how much I hated it. Now I know why I always buy in person, it looked like a different bag!

    Plus they had a lot of them in this color combo...that older black that used to be popular a few years ago that sort of looked white/grey behind the sig (I can't think of the real name):


    I used to hate this coloring and like the new black signature stuff much better.

    I love my standard Carly so much more than the slim:heart:
  2. omg! i just saw this at holt renfrew- one day sale!- and i hated it! bring back the original carly in more colours!
  3. I prefer original Carly as well. Oh well, to each their own right? I wish they would have just made the slim carly the same drop and size but the original width. I may have liked it better.
  4. I ordered the slim Carly in the blue leather without seeing it first and once I saw it I wasn't a big fan either. The Carly is an expensive bag and it wasn't worth the price. Plus I just love the original Carly too much.

    I should always, always buy a bag after seeing it and trying it on but sometimes I can't resist ordering...:girlsigh:
  5. i liked it at first when i tried it at the boutique and since they did not have the black leather i even ordered it.the next week when i went to pick it up i returned it.i don't know but the strap drop seems nice and comfortable but the moment u put ur stuff in the bag and since the bag has no width it slouches way too much and the shoulder drop becomes 12 inches from 10 inches.i have always liked my bags under my arm or at least a little below my under arm and since i am only 5'1 it seemed to be touching my waist.i prefer the medium or regular carly much better as it looks much too put together than the slim carly. just my opinion
  6. i guess im one of the only ones that like it and doesnt see a very big difference haha
  7. I don't care for it either..mainly because it's so thin and it slips right off my shoulder :tdown:
  8. I think the slim Carly looks a little deflated. It would probably be more practical for me because I don't carry a ton of stuff, but I just think it looks too thin.
  9. YES! That was my problem with it.

    It seemed to lack width or something.
  10. I agree - I saw them IRL yesterday and wasn't impressed. It would be perfect if it was the same width as the original Carly. But I didn't try it on either, so I don't know about drop length...
  11. I have never been a big fan of the original Carly (for myself), so when it came in the slimmer version I thought I ought to give that a try. I can't even identify why, but when I looked in the mirror it was an immediate "no". I at least considered a regular Carly, but the slim for some reason just didn't work at all.
  12. Count me in as a big NO for the slim Carly as well :tdown:!! The original is soooo much better.
  13. You're not the only one! I brought the slim black leather and I love it!
  14. I love it too... if they get rid of the patent leather straps on the sig, I'm definitely getting one.
  15. I like the idea because when I tried on the med. carly it felt to wide to me...I know we all have our own wishes when it comes to how our bags feel! Isn't that funny that we are all so different! I love it!!!