Sleepover Tonight...Any movie ideas?!

  1. Hi everyone! I'm having all of my good girlfriends spend the night tonight and was wondeing if any of you had any good movie recomendations...I would like a few comedies, maybe 1 or 2 scary ones, and 1 or 2 if any of you have any recomendations, please let me know! (and I deft. want a REALLLY scary movie...i just rented hostel and it was SO BAD!) haha thanks guys!
  2. Cape Fear always freaks me out.

    I love Overboard as a light romantic comedy.

    Have fun!!
  3. If you want to laugh till your cheeks hurt, get The Gods Must Be Crazy, Serial Mom, and the first season of the Beverly Hillbillies

    If you want to be scared, get The Exorcist. This is the only really scary movie ever made.

    If you want to stand in speechless awe, humbled in the presence of Great Art, get Blood Feast, Return of the Crazy Bumpkins, and Robot Monster

    If you want to go to sleep, get Mulholland Drive and Holiday

    If you want to laugh, cry, and enjoy a timeless and totally epic experience, get Mother India
  4. Sixteen Candles...a classic.
  5. If you want a movie that combines all of the above, "Evil Dead". Bruce Campbell can do no wrong!!! There is also for a good thriller, "Blood Simple". "Love and a .45" was one of Rene Zellwegger's first movies. "Exotica" and "The Last Seduction" are great too. Oh and "Shallow Grave". I don't know if "Mr. Brooks" is out on dvd yet, but its a good one.
  6. great suggestions ladies! thank you so much!
  7. Ooohh how fun... I have not had a sleep over since I was like 10 yrs :crybaby:....... Can I come ????? pppplllllxxxxx ....... ill bring the pop corn!!
  8. Whew, let's see.. you might've seen these but they're great nevertheless. The Wedding Singer, Serendipity, The Birdcage (for a dose of comedy and romance). The last movie that really creeped me out (and that's hard to do) was a korean movie (I think) called A Tale of Two Sisters.
  9. Great creepy thriller movie! Love the cast.