Sleeper bags

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  1. Does anybody know when Hermes changed the colour of their sleepers from beige to orange?

  2. yes they did, years ago, late 1990's I think.
  3. That sounds about was less than 10 years ago I can tell you that.
  4. So in theory a bag from 1996 should still have a beige sleeper?
  5. I think so, I think the chage over was as late as maybe '98 or 99.(or maybe even 2000?)The bag I bought in '95 at hermes in N.Y. still had the beige then.
    a store should be able to tell you what year they changed:flowers:
  6. I think you guys are right, I just checked a bag from a reputable seller, stamped C for 99 and it still has a beige sleeper.
  7. I think it was in the late 90's. I love the older beige velvet sleepers, wish I could buy some.

    Once I took a bag in for refurb at NYC and mistakenly left the beige sleeper with it (normally I leave it with no sleeper), and when I picked it up they had replaced it with the orange sleeper. So sad...
  8. I have a bag from 2001 with a beige sleeper, I believe that was the last year they used them.
  9. From what I remember, they started using the orange sleepers in 2002.
  10. That happened to me too!! I love the older beige velvet sleepers and feel cheated with the orange ones. Sometimes I try to buy one on eBay.
  11. My first pair of hermes shoes also have the old sleeper, and it is the best leather polishing fabric there is!, I wish they still sold it!
  12. My Herbag is 2000 and she has the beige one - SO much nicer than the orange IMO.....WHY did they change it??
  13. :hrmm: :huh: :shrugs:
  14. Probably to save cost...maybe we should write Hermes if they would only listen.:idea:
  15. I have one of those sleepers! I got it with a pair of shoes I purchased on line
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