Sky Blue wallet...on ebay again...

  1. oh noooooooooooooooooo, that's so sad, poor little baby blue compagnon :crybaby:
  2. Maybe jdy will break down and get this! LOL
  3. arent the compagnon wallets BIG? Maybe its just been bigger than buyers thought it would be.
  4. Yes- the wallets are big! I love big wallets though!
  5. I love big wallets!!!
  6. But I dont' have a Blue Bag........
  7. :sad:
  8. OMG Sonya~ you are too cute! LOL
  9. I placed a bid on it. I have a sky blue clutch and planet on the way so it would make a nice set.
  10. That is really pretty! I hope someone gets it now...
  11. I want a wallet compagnon size but it's not my color.
    I think I will probably go with an LV a little more sturdy since I never change wallets. Love big ones with lots of cc slots to keep all my stuff together.
  12. I have this in black and let me tell you this wallet is "da bomb"!!! It holds everything - and zips around - all I have to do is grab it when I change bags. If I didn't already have it - I'd so go for this!
  13. if I had some moola right now I would buy it, but I don't.
  14. Theres a greige one on eBay too...I just think its too big for me, so maybe one of you girls could get it! How much do the Compagnons retail for at Balenciaga?