sky blue city

  1. i just got home from work... and low and behold... a package was waiting for me. one day early... it's my sky blue city. there were questions regarding the color, but now that i see it in person.... no doubt it's sky blue. the color is absolutely gorgeous. it's much better than i imagined from pictures. for those of you that told me it was going to beautiful... i completely agree! the leather is perfectly thick and smooshy. :love:

    i'll take pics tomorrow. promise!
  2. congrats! i am so glad you like it. it looked great in the pics.
  3. Congrats, esile!! Looking forward to your pics!
  4. congrats! i am so happy for you!
  5. congrats esile :smile: cant wait to see your pic
  6. sky blue is beautiful and so is the leather - it must be fabulous in the city, im so happy you got it esile! :love:
  7. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
  8. sounds hot...
  9. Congrats, you deserve the best!!
  10. SKY BLUE! Yay I'm so excited! Please take a pic of it on you as well!!
  11. Congrats to you! I can't wait to see pics!
  12. thank you everyone for the congrats and kind words.:flowers:
  13. I can't wait until tomorrow.:upsidedown:
  14. Such a beatuy is the Sky Blue! Congrats and enjoy your beautiful bag!
  15. Esile, congrats!!! Can't wait to see your pictures!