Skulls or Tattoo purse

  1. Hi all! I have been searching the internet for about 1 week for a great looking skull and crossbones or tattoo purse. I have only found a couple things but they are HIGH dollar. I go through purse phases too quickly to spend alot on one purse. Anyone have any suggestions of where to look?
    I already checked out the betseyville website

  2. Isabella Fiore on eBay! I'm sure I saw some there recently...
  3. Luella Bartley did a line of bags with Skulls and hearts on it... You can probably find it on eBay. I bought one.. it's cute!
  4. My friend actually got a really cute at Disneyland of all places. Near the pirates ride and i've seen others with it also.
  5. Thomas Wylde skull bags are the bomb. I wish I could afford one! I got the scarf at Barneys last year.
  6. lesportsac has a new print that just came out called Ink. It looks like tattoo artwork and has skulls on it.
  7. Thanks all. I cant believe how hard it has been to find the perfect purse. I still cant seem to find the perfect one. I need one that zips cause I drop mine too much, hehehe.
  8. I know it's probably too late for this, but I just found a brand called Loungefly that has all skull print clothes and accessories:
  9. I love all those bags.. I am a huge skull fan. I have a Thomas Wylde bag that I adore but in addition I also have a few less expensive skull bags.. I found a great one in Key West on the beach. Its very Pirates of Carribean inspired.
  10. I hate skulls on any item. This is the least cute symbol imaginable. Why pay anything for this, it's disgusting? The trend is going to fade in a few months, so everyone is just going to throw all this stuff away.
  11. ^^ Uhh... the poster asked where to find a particular bag.. not your opinion on the matter.