Skinny vs. Straight Leg Jeans ... which do you prefer?

  1. Which do you prefer, and why? Which do you think is less trendy? Which brand & style are your favorite?

    I prefer straight leg jeans, because my thighs are a weird shape ... IMO.

    I think straight leg is a little less trendy; my favorites? Rock and Republic by Victoria Beckham Stockholms.
  2. i like straight legs. i feel like a fat sausage in skinnies.
  3. i have been wearing nothing but skinny jeans lately. i don't think i even own a pair of straight leg jeans even though these are classic.
  4. :roflmfao:

    Agreed. I think straight leg jeans are flattering on a wider range of people, and they definitely look better on me!
  5. Straight leg jeans - skinny jeans are not for me.
  6. My ankles are too skinny and my hips too big for skinny jeans.

    I disproportioned...

    Now, I have a pair of Red Engine straight leg jeans from Anthropologie, and I pretty much live in them.
  7. I vote for straight as well cos skinny makes me look like chicken legs :sweatdrop:
  8. straight leg for me too.. hehe..:tup:
  9. straight legs. my MIL says i look like im suggling in small animals when i wear skkinnies (meaning i have bad thighs!)
  10. i like straight legs!
  11. Straight never goes out of style, and is becoming to all body types.

    Short slender legs, however, will have to resort to "leggings" to get the skinny jeans look, which is really better suited to long legs anyway.

    (As are most things, if we are to confine ourselves to traditional "Western" dress, which is why we shouldn't do it).