Skinny jeans for petites??

  1. Are there any good websites online that offer skinny jeans in short inseams? I'm only 5 feet tall, and I'm thinking that trying to get the skinny jeans hemmed may mess up the look. TIA!
  2. I'm your height! My most recent purchase is the AG Jeans stilt cigarette jean. I got it at The inseam is 30. Marc by Marc Jacobs also had a pair of skinny jeans from last season called Chrissie. The inseam on that is 31. If you don't mind lower end, H&M also offers jeans in a 28-30 inseam for certain styles.
  3. Also, you shouldn't worry about altering skinny jeans. They're actually the best style to alter since unlike bootcut, you don't have to worry about cutting of the flared part. The only thing you have to think about before altering is the wash.

    P.S.-Diesel is great for finding shorter inseams. I believe R is a 30 inseam.
  4. I'm only 5ft 2, I got some great skinny jeans from Topshop, they have a petite range and the jeans are only £40! Bargain!
  5. Paige has Petite Blue Heights Skinny jeans. They have an inseam of 29". They're available on Paige also has an online store and you could always call the boutique if you don't see anything online.
  6. Thanks!! What do you mean about the "wash"? I may end up altering some...are certain washes different?
  7. I just got mine hemmed and they looked fine.
  8. As long as you keep the original hem, hemming shouldn't be a problem.
  9. Example: If the pair of jeans you want to alter is the same dark color all over, it won't look that different when you hem it.

    If the jeans have a dark overall color but with a lighter faded effect in the front, it'll look weird after you hem it. If the jeans are a 36 inseam and you cut off the bottom, the fading was supposed to end up at the knee for someone who fit the full inseam. On someone of our height, the faded effect would probably be down to our ankles since we have shorter legs.

    OKAY to alter:

    THINK BEFORE YOU ALTER this one: (Notice how the thigh area is light and it's darker below the knee)
  10. siwy hannah crop has inseam of 27''
    I :heart: siwy skinnies!
  11. I'm 5'1" and I hemmed my skinny jeans :smile: I hem about 90% of my jeans. I agree, wash is very important. My skinny jeans are a uniform color/wash so it looked fine when it was hemmed.
  12. yeah, good point before you alter jeans..look at the wash. goood point.. going to take this one to bed now. hehe time to sleep