Skin Whitening Products for Asians

  1. hi ladies,

    can my fellow asian tpf'ers or non-asian tpf'ers recommend me some whitening products to use on my face? i know there's a ton that asian women use in HK and Japan. i have no idea where to start looking though =(. any recommendations? not sure if i'm allowed to ask this, but is there a makeup specific forum or maybe a forum for asian makeup that someone can direct me to that maybe can help me more than tpf can?

    i think neutrogena and lancome have a whitening line that's only sold in asia and not here.

    a little background on me - i'm chinese in my late twenties. i think i am finally over the tanning stage in my life and reached a point in my life where i don't want to tan anymore and try my best to whiten my skin or keep my skin white/get rid of dark spots/prevent dark spots etc. i know there are products here that prevent dark spots, but i'm looking for something more geared towards asian skin tones with the whitening effect. does this make any sense haha? i know within the asian community, this is very popular.

    thanks! :biggrin:
  2. Hi there! Shiseido makes a whitening line, called "White Lucent" that my sister loves to use. I have really sensitive skin so I can't use tell you if it works :smile: She's like a NC20 and I'm like NC30 but that's our coloring (I rarely tan).

    Here's the link:

    Hope that helps!
  3. If you go to they have a whole category of whitening products including the asian exclusives for Neutrogina and Olay. I know Lancome and Clinque also have a whitening line. Shiseido use to have a line of mask that really works call UV White, but I think they discontinued and/or replaced with White Lucent. I haven't tried the White Lucent Mask since I was tired of Shiseido discontinuing/changing the formula of just about everything I use from them.

    I haven't found anything that work as well as the UV White line.
  4. i would be very careful i have seen negative results from over use if these products
  5. Hi I'm Chinese as well and I'm in my early twenties. I use Kanebo Blanchir Whitening Conclusion(it's basically a lotion-like serum) and the night cream of the same line. I have fair skin with some dark spots and I found the product quite effective. I also have very sensitive skin but had no problem with this product. From the reviews I read, Kanebo Blanchir is better for sensitive skin than Haku from Shiseido. However, I do not use this product everyday. I give my skin a couple days off every week and all the other products I use are designed for sensitive skin. I also don't use it after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

    Don't expect too much from skincare products though. I'm satisfied with the result as long as it is visible. If something works wonders on my skin, I personally would be scared off.
  6. Just out of curiousity - because I'm a naturally pale (caucasian)...
    Are these whitening products make-up, cremes, or drugs??
  7. ^^ There are different types that can fall into each category I believe. I've seen ads for "treatments" back home and tons of commercials from whitening soaps to cremes.
  8. There are many skin whitening products on the market. Personally I have had bad experiences with most of them. The pills and creams are the worst which actually leave scars and rashes, or at least they did for me.

    The only thing that has worked for me and gave me a long lasting lighter skin tone was a natural method (surprisingly these work better than chemicals!) it's called Skin Whitening Forever and is fairly simple to follow. I think you can still buy this online (well worth it in my opinion)

    Skin Whitening Forever

    Hope this helps! If you have had any bad experiences with creams etc please share!
    Demi xxx
  9. I don't have any suggestions on what to use but, I do know what NOT to use. Stay away from anything that works too well too fast. I recently bought a Kojisan (sp??) soap and the freckles got lighter in 2 days HOWEVER, it dried out my lips, stung my eyelids really badly, and made me cough. I stopped using it.

    There could be chemicals (ie: mercury) in some of these products that enter your bloodstream and accumulate over time. Stick to products with fully disclosed ingredients. Good luck with your search!
  10. Hi, great thread!

    I am also researching. I have a lot of freackles and a few age spots. I've been reading a lot about two natural products: Malderma and Xtend-life whitening cream.

    Several make-up sites claim Malderma really works. Anyone with Asian skin try these? I was thinking of trying one of these.
  11. I just wanted to add I also found this company: Pharmaclinix. They specialize in Asian skin and have a skin whitening product called Lightenex. It is a company out of the UK and is all natural (claims even pregnant women can use their skin whitening cream).

    Also, just noticed my typos above. The other ones are Meladerm and Xtend-life.

    Again, I am just researching for myself and have not used any of these personally.
  12. I remember years ago I used a whitening serum from SKII but I can't remember the exact name of it.

    I didn't tell my best friend I started using it and there was a 2 week period where we didn't see each other.. and when we did, the first thing she ask me was why my skin looks so much whiter and even..
  13. SK II is good! I used that I love that...

    Recently, Clarins also came up with a new whitening line in asia. It's pretty decent.
  14. H2O Plus has a whitening line. I use their toner and mask from it. Check it out!