Skin Brightner

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  1. I am looking for a good product to brighten my skin.
    I fill it is a little dull. I have been using Differin Cream
    for the breakouts and I think I need a brightner know.

    Any suggestions???

    Note: I have dry skin
  2. Note: I put olive oil on my face about 4 days ago and let it sit over night
    skin appears softer??? What do you thinkg about that ??? Any comments on the Olive oil??
  3. Perricone's Amine Complex Face Lift. It worths every single euro you pay.
  4. I use "That Gal" face primer by Benefit, and highbeam also by Benefit... makes your skin "glow" and is "luminous", but doesn't stick in the long term.
  5. I will check it out tomorrow
  6. are you exfoliating?

  7. Yes, any suggestions on a product to use for exfoliating? :confused1:
  8. Baking soda and water is good for sensitive skin. Simple but it works. If you want to buy something stay away from stuff like St. Ives because the bits in it are too harsh and scratch your skin.

    I like CoverFX's primer. There isn't any shimmer but it's really moisturizing and provides a bit of a sheen more than anything else.
  9. Sorry to hijack.. but what does brighter skin mean? More even-toned? I don't get it.
  10. ^^

    I think brighter skin will refer to glowing skin and not dull. Well for me, my skin is rather dull so I would dust some Benefit's Dandelion all over my face to brighten it up. :smile:
  11. I also have dry skin, exfoliate alot...
    to brighten my skin, I love Nivea Pure Energy...
    cheap and great!
  12. Thanks to all !
  13. i LOVE the la mer fluid tint. i dont know how they do it bc its so sheer but your face just lights up!! truly amazing
  14. Look for products with hydroquinone, which helps lighten skin discolorations to create a more uniform skin tone.

    In the mean time, strategically applying a sheer brightening concealer to certain areas of the face (such as inner corners of eyes, browbone area, top of cheekbones, down the center of the nose) will help give you a more lifted look. I recommend Dior Skinflash for that! Good luck!
  15. SKII has a really fantastic skin brightener.

    Can someone tell me more about this baking soda method?