Sj Teal Please Help

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  1. goodafternoon to you all, acting on the info given by sj and the exact whereabouts of the teal antony at sm i phoned this morning and crossed my fingers hoping the sales assistant was wrong yesterday when i enquired about teal antony. this time i described exactly where sj said it was and still no one in the store had heard of such a colour within mulberry let alone a bag in the store i explained the info given was from a trusting source and a regular visitor to the shop and still they were having none of it i am desperate to get hold of this bag to add some much needed colour to my collection can any one help in anyway i know the info from sj is true because it was down to her i managed to track down my magenta hanover i just wish i could talk to someone who knew what i was talking about
    i look forward to hearing from you especially sarajane xx :idea:
  2. Hi, I'm here. I've just called the factory shop for you.
    The bag is a Joel messenger and the colour is teal. It is £136 and they still have it. Sorry I got the style wrong - I only had a quick glance at it but I knew it was definitely teal!
    I've said a friend is interested in it and may be calling about it.
  3. hi sj they could have told me that couldn't they? i'm thinking the joel doesn't have the canvas strap but the leather one? i think ive seen the joel i much prefer antony but a huge thankyou to you xx
  4. No problem. I got the young SA who is so helpful. I think you're right - I think Joel has a thin leather strap. It's not a substantial looking as the Antony but the colour was lovely - that was what grabbed my attention.
  5. is that the only thing you saw in teal? i will be phoning tomorrow as i am sending a gift voucher off as part payment for the magenta hanover i really hope this is a good decision having not seen the bag in real life i hope it is as good as it looks for daily use etc i have purchased a bag liner for it in pink the sa told me it had a couple of scuffs but noting major. if it had not been for you i wouldn't have known about the magenta so thankyou so much i was just drawn to the colour more than the style of bag. i am just thinking if mulberry would change the strap to a canvas like the antony if i were to purchase the teal i love that shade too xx
  6. looking at a previous thread of yours sj regarding your hanover magenta colour one of only 3 left in the uk when you tracked it down .....had you been looking for one for ages ? how lucky were you how lucky am!! i is this classsed as a rare mulberry do you reckon i must say i have only ever seen yours you don't see that colour around much having said that it is not a classic choice colourway x