1. I just bought a toki tank top...and i'm praying i got the right size! :yes:

    So, those of you that have bought toki clothing, how does it run? big/small/just right?

    I also bought one of the assorted Moofia Blindboxes--too cute to pass up! i'm very excited to get one and see what it is!

    But yeah, hehe, excuse my off topicness, sizing anyone? :graucho:
  2. The blindboxes are too cute...tokidoki:heart: er got me addicted to those! I :heart:'s super fun to see who's inside!!

    Here's my opinion for what it's worth. The t-shirts run small...the hoodies run true to size. What size do you usually wear and what size did you order?
  3. i usually take a small/medium, i ordered the medium to be safe, but now i'm not sure :push:

    i wear like, size 27 jeans, and am a b cup. (sorry if its tmi ahahh im just trying to give you a size) so hopefully medium is right?

    it kind of annoyed me because i could not find anywhere were it had sizing information.

    EDIT to say: do the blindboxes always have a latte guy inside or do they vary? i'm hoping for a latte!! :heart:
  4. i think u should be fine with m. I normally wear size s and i'm 34B, toki tees size s fits me well. Just becareful when drying it cuz it will shrink.

    Those blind boxes are totally random. Goodluck on latte!
  5. I would go with a size m, because the shirts tend to shrink!!!
  6. awesome, sounds like i made the right choice then! :jammin: thank you for your help!

    ...i let the toki speak from inside me...hahah LOL
  7. oooh did you mention tank top??? where??:smile:
  8. i did! :yes:

    from bazaar adriatic!

    so cute, a native american flower! teehee! :yahoo: