Sizing help

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  1. I wear a 9 in all of my,asics,birkenstock(39),sam and libby..etc..I don't have a wide foot..pretty average width...what size would I need in louboutin, manolo and choo?:confused1:

    Thanks.. I appreciate your help..( I am completely unable to go to the store and try them on):sad:
  2. My sister wears a 9 in Nike trainers...
    but wears an 8.5 in louboutins and Blahnik...(italian)
    and wears a size 9 in Choo, as they are french sizing...(right?)

    I think the best think to do is measure the inside of your most comfortable shoe and go from there. eBay sellers, mostly, show length of shoe in the description.....
  3. Size 40, give or take 1/2 size depending on style and width of yuor foot.
  4. You'd probably be a 39.5 or 40 in european sizing. You're only a 1/2 size from me.

    Check out some of the high end department store websites like Nordstrom and Neimans. They often list fit tips on their website. Like for Manolos you usually need to go up a half size.

    Zappos carries a lot of high end brands. They offer free shipping both ways. They have been doing free overnight shipping for a while now. They don't charge sales tax to all states except CA and NV. At least you could order a few sizes to try and send back what doesn't work without commitment.