Sizing ? current elliot loved boyfriend jeans...

  1. Hi -I really love the look of Current Elliot's Loved boyfriend jeans. Here is a link as to what they look like:

    Does anyone have these? Could you tell me how they run? I know they are supposed to have a slouchy look. Thanks.
  2. I JUST got a pair of the CE distressed boyfriend jeans and they are perfection!! I think I have worn them everyday for the last week!!! As far as sizing is concerned...size down by 2 sizes. I generally wear a 27/28, I bought a 26. Got them and they were slouchy...after one wear...they are SUPER slouchy!!!! You will not be dissapointed. These are the perfect boyfriend jeans.

    I have a few pairs of CE jeans and have needed to size down in all of them except for the skinnies which were just right at a 27.
  3. ^^where did you get yours from? thanks
  4. Thanks Annemerrick. I just ordered them from Bloomingdales :smile:
  5. I bought mine on eBay. :smile:
  6. I ordered a pair during the Bloomingdale's FF event also. I am size 27 in jeans, ordered a size 26 and it was loose at the waist...then ordered size 25 which will be coming in on Tues.

    Currently the 26 feels just a tad loose, but i'm afraid it will only get looser with wear...hopefully the size 25 will work out!
  7. I found them huge - even the 23 was like a clown outfit on me!

    I think they have "vanity sizing" and they're very stretchy as well..
  8. *update*

    I received my size 25, the waist fits a lot better...however, you loose the slouchy' it's more fitted. It looks more like a distressed cropped straight leg on me. I decided to keep the 26 because i like the slouchy'ness.

    One thing I noticed is that size 25 is 2 inches shorter in length than the 26! WHY?!?!?!? the 25 looks unflattering after i rolled up the bottom.
  9. I'm glad you found a pair that looked and felt right - boyfriend jeans Are meant to be slouchy, not fitted!

    Enjoy wearing them - C/E are lovely jeans and I'd give anything for a pair that fitted me too.:smile: