Sizes - can you shed some light? Please please please - confused

  1. Hi there

    I am totally confused!

    On the classic what are the sizes and makes?

    Is it just

    XL Jumbo

    or is there a large?

    I am trying to order one from Chanel and they are telling me that there is a size in between medium and jumbo - is that right?

    Gosh I am hopeless I know but it would be great if you anyone could help with the actual dimensions as well.

    Apologies if the sizes are somewhere else on here - i have looked but to no avail

    Thanks so much
  2. I think jumbo style is the large size. HTH :smile:
  3. small - e/w [eastwest]
    large - jumbo
    XLjumbo - vintage jumbo

    there isn't any size in between medium and jumbo. hope this helps!
  4. aw thanks Charlene - it does.

    The SA didn't really seem to be that clued up so I did wonder what she was meaning. Thanks for your help
  5. The best is ask them for the measurements, then you'll have a better idea on which one you like.
  6. Did you order the Jumbo, Sam? And which color? Tell me more :nuts:
  7. Isn't there also a size small that isn't the east/west? Like...small, east/west, medium/large, jumbo, XLjumbo?
  8. You know I can't help being a total newbie to Chanel, but you know I am very excited to hear what you ordered!
  9. Swanky thanks so much that really helps. See I knew that the SA was wrong but she convinced me that there was small medium large then jumbo!

    Beautyl - didn't order anything after the confusion of sizes plus they only had silver hardware and I really want gold, the search (for Spock as it feels like!!) continues!

    At least now I know the sizes so thats a start