size variance between 2.55 & east-west

  1. right u girls got me started again with the purple classic flap. i really like the color and have been debating whether to get an epi speedy or not. so... can someone tell me what is the size of the east-west flap compare to the 2.55?

    i already have one 2.55 in medium and find the size ok, is the E/W flap slightly smaller???

    thanks in advance
  2. I think it's about the same length, but a lot shorter.
  3. from what i've gathered:

    East West caviar flap bag:
    Length:25 cm
    Height:13 cm
    Width 5.5 cm
    Chain strap: adjustable to 68cm

    and for the medium:
    Classic flap quilted bags:
    Medium - 9" x 5.5" x 2.5"

    you might need to convert the measurements!
  4. thanks ladies for ur feedback
  5. does the east-west bag fit alot less items then a medium... cause theres a small price difference in the med and jumbo ($100) but a 400 difference in east-west and med
  6. They fit a similar amount since the double flap on the medium takes up space. I think the price difference is mainly because of the extra flap and the double length chain that would be a lot more labor for the craftsperson.