Size - regular Dreamer vs regular Rogue

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  1. Does anyone have these 2 bags who could post a picture side by side?

    I just got the regular size Dreamer in saddle. I ordered it in early December and it finally arrived yesterday. It was smaller than I expected, but I still think the size is good for me. But now I am fixated on the Rogue. I thought the Rogue looked huge so I was focusing on the Rogue 25. But now I am thinking maybe the regular size Rogue? I’ve always loved brown leather more than black and the regular Rogue comes in Saddle which I love love love. I am only 5’2” and right now I am us Not a enabled leather Lexie that I bought at an outlet last year. I like that size, but I want more bags I can use crossbody. Thank you!
  2. I am 5'2 as well with a fairly small frame and i wanted a rogue 25 but i really wanted a bag i could crossbody and it fell a little long on me below my hip and have down my butt it worked great with a winter jacket but i took it back it is a gourgous shoulder bag and i still want one but right now i really wanted a crossbody so i passed on it. i only tried a dreamer once in a store and it seamed to fall better crossbody i just liked the rogue better personally. Everyones proportions are a little different so id try one on if you can i think the dreamer strap can be adjustable so that might help to both are very nice hope that helps.
  3. I forgot to mention that I live in Vermont and there are no Coach stores here or even department stores like Macy’s to be able to compare these bags in-person. So I’d have to order online. Which is why I am hoping someone will post a picture...I do like the Dreamer and it seems to sit just right when wearing it cross body.
  4. I had purchased a rogue 25 and was trying to decide i really like it and still want it but it sat a little lower then id like crossbody on me again im 5'2 and with the strap not being adjustable for a crossbody i decided to go a different derection
  5. Rogue 25 vs Dreamer regular size IMG_1546722716.916365.jpg IMG_1546722733.396114.jpg
    I don't wear them crossbody though.
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  6. As indicated in the pics above the regular dreamer is similar in size to the Rogue 25. The dreamer is roomier a bit because of its more flexible build whereas the Rogue is more structured. But other than that they are very similar.
  7. I think Dreamer is more roomy than Rogue 25.