size questions

  1. photos:

    ladies, what are the sizes of the following bags?
    because of the height of the models, i couldn't quite figure. anyway, i hope this helps address the "what size" dilemma.
    birkin size.jpg kelly size 2.jpg size kelly.jpg
  2. i'm thinking,
    1st bag (olive ostrich) - 30cm birkin
    2nd bag (croc) - 25cm kelly
    3rd bag (beige ostrich) - 28cm kelly

    not sure though.

    what are your thoughts?
  3. I have no clue, they all look tiny to me, but your guess could be right...:flowers:
  4. on second thoughts, maybe the 2nd and 3rd bags (both kelly bags) could be 25cm.
    but then, maybe because the models are SO tall.
  5. Too tiny is my comment for those tall ladies!
  6. the dark wine colored bag (#2) is a birkin. a very small birkin. it's too deep at the base to be a kelly, at least a kelly of that size. i think... i mean kelly bags have an A-line profile, but this one's is more extreme, like when you close a birkin.

    the light ostrich one (#2) is definitely a kelly, but you knew that. the model is tall and in heels, so it could be a 28.

    the olive ostrich bag (#1) is curious. it's a birkin, but it looks too long for how short it is to be a regular birkin. do they make small jpg bags?
  7. B 25
    Kelly 25
    Kelly 25

    My guesses... :smile:
  8. As tall as these models are I think they are

    Birkin 25
    Birkin 25 (too deep to be a Kelly)
    Kelly 25
  9. oops, OT is right. Second bag is B25 - you know, I think these are rather cute!
  10. #1 - 30cm birkin
    #2 - 30cm JPG birkin (that angle makes it look very low)
    #3 - 32cm kelly and I really love that outfit.

    The models must be close to 6ft tall if not over, with their high heels.
  11. a 30cm jpg would be so fabulous!!!!

    are these only runway pieces?
    or will they be available in the stores?
  12. 1. 25 cm birkin
    2. 25 cm birkin
    3. 25 cm kelly

    I actually attended this show :heart: and I was sitting in the front row near to the end of the runway so I got a good look at these bags when the models swung pass me :graucho:
  13. Twigz, cool! are you in the fashion business?
  14. Twigz, that is so cool!

    I like that second Birkin 25...
  15. Awesome, Twigz!