Size of Miu Miu Spring Shoulder Bag

  1. Hi,

    Has anyone seen this bag in real life? How big/small is it?


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  2. I finally saw this bag recently and if you go by the pic, it SEEMS perfectly gorgeous ( I love satchels). But after seeing it in person, I wasn't inpressed, something about the shape of it I didn't care seems like it should have been vertically longer. I ended up getting this one instead.
    (38) Mui Mui (Runway) - Nappa Spring Satchel - 950.JPG
  3. how do people feel about this bag. I haven't seen it but have ordered it online. Is it real big?

    Anyone using it who already has it?
  4. I was looking at this bag too and it seems absolutely gorgeous from the picture. I compared it to this bag:

    I've seen this one IRL and it is the perfect sized. Very delicate yet big enough to fit most things in. The dimensions for this bag and the spring shoulder bag are mostly the same. So based on this, I'd say that bag is a great size. However, I am pretty petite so I guess it depends on your body type as well.
  5. IRL this bag is too big. The cross body strap doesnt lay correctly over the handles. Its a bust out.