Size of Lena??

  1. Hi there!

    I was thinking about buying a Lena but then I read some past post about how the bag is not as large as expected. Since I want to use the Lena as a everyday school/work bag (which normally includes a Thinkpad (the regular 14" screen one), water bottle, clipboard, some folders...maybe lunch if I have time to make it), I was wondering if the Lena owners can give me some opinions on whether the Lena would be large enough for that.

    Thanks so much for your help.
  2. Hi there! I have the Lena in straw so I will post my pic tomorrow for you. ;))
  3. Hi Ally, I have a Lena in black and while it looks pretty big, it doesn't hold that much and doubt a 14" Thinkpad would fit (as the belt pulls it in in the middle), great everyday bag if you only want to carry essentials and would definitely hold your water bottle, make-up, wallet and bits, but think you would need something bigger for school...(sorry..:shame:smile:
  4. I agree with Maggie..

    I have the Lena in Bark and while it looks roomy, the belts clinch the top of the bag in slightly, and no way will clipboards, folders and a water bottle fit inside.

    Maybe you should check out a Carla instead. :yes:
  5. Hi I finally have the pic (ok for scale I'm 5'-4") I hope this helps! ;)
    Lena Me.JPG
  6. Hey Alberta Mommy.....that bag looks divine! Looks very roomy, but I don't think I'd want to fit all that ally2033 wants to put in tht bag. She might need something just a little bigger than that.