Size Help Please

  1. Can anyone tell me what the size difference between the Batignolles and the Batignolles Vertical is. Is the Batignolles that much smaller or will it still be able to hold all my things (wallet, makeup bag, cell, cigs, keys, and anyother junk i might be toting with me)? There's a $100 price difference so it seems like the difference wouldn't be too drastic. Thanks in advance!
  2. the batignolles is 10.2" L x 9" H x 5.4" W whereas the batignolles vertical is 9" L x 15.3" H x 5.4" W so almost the same.......the batignolles vertical is just taller but you shoudln't have any trouble fitting your essentials into the batignolles.....the strap lengths are drastically differen tho

  3. I think I might be able to help here. I just bought the batignolles vertical. I tried both and couldn't make up my mind. The batignolles is smaller and doesn't have a zip pocket or a latch on the top. I liked the size of the smaller better because I'm just used to smaller bags, but after trying both, I decided I liked the feel of the vertical better especially because I could put it on my shoulder. I didn't think I'd like always having to carry the other on in my hand or at my elbow. I'm happy with my choice...let me know what you decide!!
  4. ^Was going to say that! YOu can't really carry the reg Batignolles on your shoulder. The straps are longer on the vert and it's taller.
  5. I actually saw someone carrying the regular batignolles today. Although I personally prefer shoulder bags to hand bags, it looked really good on the woman carrying it. It looks more lady-like when it's hand-held.
  6. I think I'll go vertical because I like having my hands free. That's one problem I face with my speedy. I like a roomier bag too because I never know what I'll end up carrying around with me by the end of the day. Thanks everyone.
  7. Good choice! With BV, you can fit magazines too!