Size difference in Speedy handles?

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  1. Is there a size difference in the handles of the Ebene or Monogram/Azul speedy handles? for some reason the ebene ones look bigger and longer.. like they could go up higher on your arm or something.
  2. Hi, I haven't compared far up on the arm do you mean?
  3. I don't think so.. =(
  4. I found my MC speedy handles to be a little chunkier than my speedy but not longer.
  5. the ebene handles look longer and thinner to me but ive never tried it on in person to really know
  6. Mayb is due to illusion cos of different colours? Dark colours tend to look slimmer.... :biggrin:
  7. ^^That's what I was thinking.
  8. i measured my mono 35 and damier ebene 25. the mono 35 is a tiny, tiny bit longer in the drop, but that's probably because that bag is 11 years old and the leather has stretched out by about 1 or so mm.
  9. Also, you need to take into consideration the year the bag was made. I know my 2010 Mono Speedy's handles are thinner than my 1992 Epi Speedy's handles. Also, different lines will have slightly different designs. I'm also sure different materials will wear differently as well.
  10. No they are all about the same.

  11. Thats what Im thinking. The only difference I know of is the MC speedy has thick handles. It was my first speedy and its so hard getting used to the thin handles on the mono, damier etc.
  12. It's the lighting. lol!
  13. I have the Speedy 30 in Mono, Azur, and Ebene and the handles are all the same length. The only difference is the feeling of the Ebene handles since they're coated- they're not as smooth or as comfy to carry but other than that you can't put any of them on your shoulder (if you could, you'd look silly, IMO:P)