Site Real or fake??

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  1. the link don´t work for me
  2. Yes, and stock foto - I would stay away
  3. Gaah, what a disaster.

    Their address, 1677 Yellowstone Ave., Milpitas, CA is a residential home according to Google maps. You can do a search and see a photo of the actual house.

    Not only that, there are typos on their website and some of the sections weren't even completed! They bought a template website and filled it in. And they charge a 5% restocking fee which is total BS.

    I would never do business with these people. They're scammers.
  4. Great find Lori!!!

    I'm still boggled as to why these ppl are not shut down if they are scamming ppl.. This vendor is on Amazon!!
  5. Just to be upfront and honest! I joined this thread not long ago because a friend of mine loves the purseblog and kept trying to get me to actually take the time to sit down and read the comments about how customers and the general public feel toward online shopping and handbags. My merchandise is of course geniune and not misrepresented. I absolutely love the purse blog and love keeping up with all of the new handbags etc. but please don't slam my website unless you have purchased an item from us. I deal directly with boutiques and high end department stores for which we purchase end of season merchandise and overstocks. I have to sign contracts with the department stores that limit us to how we advertise, market, photograph, and sell some of the high end handbags. This is a requirement passed down from the original vendor to the department store and on to us. We are bound legally to them if we misrepresent or give their information out in any way so it is hard for me to defend myself when people ask where I receive my merchandise. If you have any questions about any of the merchandise on our site I would be happy to answer them for you.

    Sarah Artz
    Luxury Bags Etc.
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    OK, Miss Upfront and Honest.

    Why don't you have real photos of your merchandise instead of stock photos obviously lifted from other sites?

    Furthermore, I'd love your explanation on how people can buy luxury goods at wholesale. They can't!

    And I love your extra sentence where you talk about how you don't sell LV because LV is only sold in boutiques and on eLuxury. You've obviously been reading our site and lifted that info to give buyers a false sense of security. If you don't sell LV bags why is there a picture of them on your site?

    And you as an individual signing contracts with department stores? I've never heard anything so ridiculous in my life.

    Please, give it up. We're not buying it.

    P.S. Just checked Google maps -- interesting how your physical address listed on your website is nothing but a field with no buildings. Must be tough to work in that environment!
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    You go Girl !! :woohoo::woohoo:

    And everyone PLEASE NOTE the CREATION date of this website.... 12/30/08!!
    Domain Name..........
    Creation Date........ 2008-12-30
    Registration Date.... 2008-12-30
    Expiry Date.......... 2009-12-30
    Organisation Name.... Sarah Artz
    Organisation Address. P O Box 99800
    Organisation Address.
    Organisation Address. EmeryVille
    Organisation Address. 94662
    Organisation Address. CA
    Organisation Address. US
    510 595 2002
  9. Gee, someone sure can't keep her states straight, huh? Of course, I ALWAYS mix up California and Mississippi!
  10. We have a physical address in a Columbus, Ms where we are located in a shopping center called sheffield court (not a field) we actually have boutique neighbors. You can google them too! Pizazz gifts in columbus, ms..They are located in the suite next to us. We are in the process of having our website totally redeveloped because I am not very website saavy as far as that goes so we just used a beautiful pic as our background for a few days until they get our new design up and going ..where do you get california? we are located at: 2118 hwy 45 north, suite 7 columbus, ms 39701 which it is listed in our about us page. I am not in California. As for the department stores were concerned, if everyone knew how to purchase overstocks from dept. stores then we would be out of business. Wow, you guys are tough...we are just now getting our site up and going..I have a physical retail store in our town...the online aspect is just another way of moving inventory. As for the wholesale aspect, that only applies when we purchase large quantities of liquidation from the department stores. We don't get to cherry pick our handbags at all. We purchase what they have available just like other wholesalers. We sell other products from the department stores besides handbags. We sell Hotel Collection bedding which is exclusive to one department store if you are familiar with that collection. I'm not here to cause any problems, but I would appreciate it if you would not be so harsh because you actually hurt the good guys sometimes when you try to weed out the bad ones. And about my photos, I didn't realize using stock photos was such a big deal because I don't want my site looking like ebay! Now all these people that you guys always complain about being fake etc. I don't doubt that at all, but I have not seen any of them give their contact information, defend themselves to you, etc. and you still send me to the wolves. Maybe we'll have some customers post information about us on here someday!
  11. oh yeah..about the state probably hides that information..but you can call the number on my site which I post of course and we will be there. If you note the area code is 662 which of course is a mississippi number. I have nothing to hide at all. My name, address, phone, etc. is all public record.

    Sarah Artz
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    Your website is registered via a POBox in CA, with a CA #, and it is against the law to register false information with WHOIS/ICANN. The phone # registered w/ WHOIS/ICANN is an unpublished #, which would certainly NOT be Yahoo. You can't hide the info.. it has to be of public record.
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