Singaporean please help.

  1. I found a seller in Singapore who is selling a black caviar classic flap silver hardware in Medium/ Large size. Her asking price is SG$1800. Do you think its worth the buy? She assure me its 100% authentic and I can bring the bag in to the chanel boutique in SIN to get it verify and check before making Full payment to her. Anyone know if the SA in SIN will do authentic check if I bring the bag in? :confused1:
  2. You may like to call the Chanel in Singapore to check if they can help you authenticate BEFORE you buy the bag. I have a feeling they might not be able to do so...
  3. Hi.
    I managed to call SA..Molly. She said they will try to authenticate it (I quoting what she said)..Tel: 65-67335120

    As for whether the bag is worth it or not ..I think u have to see it b4 committing yrself.

    p.s ask for card/receipt..etc..

  4. I don't live in SIN but I will be travelling to SIN nxt month. So if I can find out in adv if the SA can do verification for me I will then commit in buying it from the seller. She said she still have the card, the hologram sticker and the dust bag but unfortunately no receipt. She will email the pic of the bag to me soon and I shall post it up once I got it. I am afraid to walk in asking for verification and get being turn down with the "walk of shame".
  5. Seriously..I've not purchased handbags from ebay or from other sources (other than boutiques).
    I presumed u dun stay in I took the liberty to contact SA,Molly for u.
    If she said they will try..I think she mean..they will try their best to authenticate for u..

    What I will suggest is that ,call Molly now..explain to her yr situation & if she said they will help..Viola.
    Inform her when u will be popping in..make sure she is this
    have to worry abt being turn down by other SAs.
  6. just be really nice to the SA. different boutiques have different policies. i know chanel in sydney do authentications if you have the original receipt, but when i called NY they won't even do it or send it to paris.
  7. Maybe if you are both meeting up in Singapore, you can both go to the Chanel store together, maybe her name is in the system, that's if she bought it from there.
  8. dlessy thank you for looking up a SA for me. Its very kind of you. I shall look for Molly if I get a chance to.

    sophiawinter, thanks for the advice. That's what I thought too but when dlessy called up one of the SA and said they will try to autheticate it, I'll give it a shot.

    frayed_misfit, I still remember the nightmare of yours when you try to get the SA to verify the chanel bag you bought from ebay. I must say I really like your bag.

    allbrandspls, I was thinking the same too. I hope the seller won't mind tagging along with me.
  9. Hi ya, I'm from S'pore though live in London. My friends and I have never had problems getting our bags verbally authenticated at the Chanel Boutique in Ngee Ann City shopping centre. There's only one older lady who does this, she's been working with Chanel for over 10 years. I am afraid I don't know her name. Don't let anyone else do it!
  10. I'm so glad to hear that Petitcherie. But how do I approach the SA asking for authentication? I've heard some horror story from chanel SA, some being very snooty and so on. I was so afraid being turn away once I open my mouth and ask for the verification instead of buying a bag from them.
  11. aritziababe, I'd suggest that you call to make an appt with Molly first and when you get there just ask for her. That way you don't have to speak to any other SAs. :yes: