Since Honda doesn't have a Limited Edition LV Oddyssey Model...

  1. As some of you may have read in the General Section my DH decided to purchase a mini van for our growing family. I really wasn't happy with becoming a suburban housewife soccer mom type person and made a deal. He buys mini van--I get something cute from LV.

    Well, today we came home with a van (at least it has leather interior and a DVD player) and a cute little Framboise Inclusion Speedy Key Chain for me. Here it is on my new to me Bronze Reade that I got yday. As you can see I am a fan of the whole pink and brown thing.
    speedy.jpg bronze reade.jpg pink n brown.jpg
  2. Ooo they look so good together!

    I am also a fan of the pink and brown combo! :nuts: Especially pink polka dots on brown background! Reminds me of an ice cream parlour, don't ask me why :lol:
  3. Congrats- they look great together!
  4. Looks great! Congrats!
  5. Very cute! :love: I'm also a fan of pink and brown-- one of my favorite outfits is my brown cargo pants and a pink cardigan =)
  6. Congratulations!!
  7. Love them-congrats!
  8. Love the colors together. Dont feel so bad about the van. 2 of my single girlfriends have minivans, I've driven them and they drive so nice!
  9. awww! so cute!
  10. What a cute combo! Congrats on the car, keychain and reade :biggrin:
  11. COngrats!!! :heart: it
  12. gorgeous! i love the bronze!!
  13. aw, that's a big trade off! lol, jk, but Odddyssey is a great van! CAN make a LE LV model...something like Mono seat and Pomme Vernis to replace the leather trims.....hehe
  14. Thanks everyone. The van is a far cry from BVBIRDY's porsche but it is an amazing ride and soooo comfy. I think I can wait 15 more years for a more hip car. Time to play mommy for now. The coolest thing about the van is that it has this little table between the two front seats that is perfect to place my LVs on. I'll take a pic and post it later.

    As for the speedy is sooo cute. They had a black one in the store too and I hope to get that one as well as the disco ball key chain when we Hawaii girls meet up for our TPF get together in two weeks. I had to save something for that one!
  15. good deal!