Simple Pumps in 70mm or 85mm

  1. Has anyone seen anymore louboutin simple pumps in the 70mm or 85mm heel height?

    I find those to be the most comfortable to walk in, especially the 70mm blue patent ones I have.

    Anyone know where I can find more colors in these heel heights and this simple pump style.

    Thanks!!! =)
  2. Hey Cali! I'm pretty sure that I saw some at Saks on Saturday when I saw the Nude patent yoyos... Try calling ANNE ROUNDY in women's shoes at 602 955 8000... And tell her Valerie sent you!
  3. I saw some at Saks in Boca Raton today.
  4. i was just at the clbh store and they had them. i saw some very pretty blue but they also had brown and black.
  5. clbh?
  6. CL beverly hills boutique. i desperately wanted the blue simples, but i want them on sale!
  7. OOOO thanks for answering!!! I want black simples, I didnt know they came in a 70mm, blues are HOT!! Do you think they'd ship to NJ?
  8. ^ CL boutique will ship. Shameless plug, but if you call CL BH, ask for Alisha. She is a friend of mine and amazing!
  9. thanks:tup: i need some simples in black
  10. I must add my "Ditto" to this. I have dealt with her and think she is a doll. Give her a call. Plus, then you can say you have a friend in Beverly Hills!!!;):roflmfao:
  11. I adore my balck simples!!!!:tup::heart::heart::yahoo:

  12. HEHEHE!!! very true

    I called when i ordered the nude VP's and they only had patent in my size for the 85mm.....i am thinking of ording them tommorrow, will the patent be more snug then regular leather?:confused1:

  13. Wait a second- how did I miss this??? :wtf: They Have the simple pumps in Blue? Is it the electric blue Ive been fantasizing about? Do you know the heel height, 85 or above? I need to call them asap!!!
  14. ^i would call them the electric blue. heel was 70mm, i think the 85 were on
  15. I love the blue but can't decide what I would wear it with. What do you wear yours with?

    P.S. Sorry for hijacking your thread