Simple checkbook

  1. I saw a checkbook cover called "simple checkbook" on, but it's not on eluxury. They don't have any alternate photos of it, and I was wondering if anyone has it, and if you would mind posting a pic of the inside.
  2. I'm also interested in getting a ckbk. cover. Also haven't seen it on elux. I wonder how much it is??:hrmm: Anyone know?
  3. I have this checkbook. I don't remember the price of it though :sad:

    There is also another checkbook with vertically placed LV symbols that includes credit card slots. I think they were about the same price, the SA showed me both and I remember preferring this one with the horizontal LVs because it matches the direction of the checkbook, haha.
  4. Thanks, Elle. Yeah, this looks like the "simple checkbook" that I'm talking about. The other one you mentioned is probably the Porte Valeurs Organizer. I hadn't thought about it, but I do like that the LV's on the simple checkbook run in the direction of the checkbook, as you said. I'm thinking the Porte Valeurs Organizer on elux is about $300, so maybe this one is about the same price.
  5. Hmm...I didn't notice that before about the LV symbols running horizontal vs the other ckbk vertically. I just ck'd them both out at Yep, I definitely agree with you I like them horizontally as well to match the ckbk. :graucho: Ok this is definitely on my want list!:P

    Thx for the pic!
  6. I have the same one like Elle too.

  7. I have one. My daughter bought it for me about 3 years ago. I havent seen them around in a long time. It doesnt have slots for credit cards inside, its actually like a check book holder. I use it for money. its great for holding cash. I like to use it in a smaller bag that my wapity would be too big for. I use in sometimes in the accessory pouch. the bills stay intact and then I can throw my makeup in the pouch. I think the new one they make now has slots in it for credit cards. I havent seen the one I have around for a while. I will try to send some pics.
  8. I think the checkbook without the slots was about 185 three years ago.