simple 85!!!

  1. just got my nude simple 85 and i love them to death already. they fit me perfectly!!! i don't really wear heels.

    but how do i take care of them?? ladies, help me out!!!!

    i read briefly about soles? what do i do? and what about the leather??

  2. Could you post some modeling pictures, please? Would love to see how the nude simple looks!
  3. Where did you get your simples from?
  4. Yeah, please post some pics for us....
  5. I'm think from Net-a-porter. I think I saw some nude simples there before.
  6. Congrats on your new simples. Hope you can post pics. I don't do anything to the leather on my CL's. I just take care of them as I do my other leather shoes. I don't wear them in the snow or if it is one of those "where is the ark" rains. Re: the soles, do a search and you can find info on Vibran soles and check the cobbler thread. Some folks, like me, just wear their CL's and don't worry about protecting the soles. Some like to have a protective sole put on so they can preserve the red.

  7. thanks for the info!! :smile: