Silverado Owners

  1. I bought one last year - the pure tan one ... just thought it would suit me better than the paddington ... now I see NONE in stores ... or am I crazy?? I still plan on wearing it but did the style not do well ..

    And I so miss Stella!!! For the clothes of course ...
  2. They discontinued the silverado! You won't see any new ones, but there are some in department stores on clearance. Silverado is one of the most popular Chloe bags, next to the Paddy, because there are so many versions of the paddy.
  3. The Silverado is my favorite bag from Chloe. I love how they discontinued it, so you don't see it on everyone. It's such a unique looking bag too. I just love it!!!!
  4. The Silverado is my favorite Chloe bag. I have one in chocolate and one in black. I am so glad that I purchased them when I did, since they are really difficult to find now. I don't think that any of the new Chloe bags compare to the older styles!:yes:
  5. I love love love my Silverado: in fact, after going through 11 paddys, the only Chloe I have left is my 04 Python Silverado

  6. One word: wow!!:p
    which color python do you own?
  7. i had a natural silverado and sold it for textbook depressing to think about in retrospect.

    the silverado has that really nice '70s vibe that is luxe without trying too hard. love that.
  8. Girl hang onto your silverado as they are discontinued like everyone said. And wear it with pride! I love my original one, the 04 cognac python that came out first season....she's my baby :smile: I got rid of mine and then rebought another I missed it so much LOL. Thankfully to this forum I found the gem on eBay!
  9. Silverados are definitely a collector's item now! I wish they'd bring them back!
  10. Why discontinue if so popular??? Or will it be a reinterpreted 'reissue' one day?
  11. I'd love to see that happen.....I have 4 Silverados (2 python) and would love to have even more!!!!
  12. Net a Porter still has Silverado's and they are discounted by 50%! I was going to buy one and have had it in my basket for ages. Just can't decide if I want it. My husband absolutely hates it which is why I haven't taken the plunge yet.

    any comments on this bag?? Can't decide
  13. I love my Silverados!!! I get so many compliments on it!!! Men and women, it's such a unique bag that everyone notices it. A black silverado, in my opinion, is the epitome of the upscale black biker bag.
  14. Hi! I like the bag but wanted to warn you that it is BIG. Even the regular sized silverado is big. The large one holds a ton of stuff, which is great, but it means I would pack it with stuff LOL.

    P.S. My husband hates my python silverado, because he thinks python is icky. If your husband hates this bag get ready for 2 years of hearing "when are you going to sell that bag?" whenever you carry it.
  15. I think I'm being talked out of's way too big:sad: