Silver vs pewter? or are they the same?

  1. I hear people talk of silver hardware and pewter hardware (and of course brass) Are silver and pewter the same in balenciaga land? It occured to me that I've never seen pure silver hardware on a's pewter..right??
  2. there is shiny silver hardware (like on the new pony bags) and pewter hardware (like on pre-04 bags)- pewter is more dulled silver, darker.

    there is also hardware that matches the color of the bags like on the metallics from 05 (metallic magenta, orange, red) and hardware that is rhinestones (calcaire/rose/white pony 05)
  3. Oh interesting! Thanks i've been calling pewter silver all this time...the pewter is what I love
  4. me too! me too...
  5. I do the same, I'll try to break from that habit. :shame:
  6. ^^ me too! pardon the cliche, but it's a hard habit to break (so are bbags! not that I've tried very hard.....<hehe>)
  7. Wow, it'll be great if pics are posted! I 'd love to see the different hardware.