Silver,patent, another one? *PICS*

  1. Hello everyone!I really need your help!!

    Please look at the pics below, the 1st and 2nd are the bags I have now, and love them so much! The 3rd one is a black metallic 2.55 in size 228 which I can't get over, do you think I should get it eventhough I already have the other two? About 228,the size is not a problem to me, actually I like the big size. My question is are those 3 bags too similar? I know they are all different, one is a classic CC lock flap, one is a patent reissue w/ gold chain, but I'm not sure if it's a little bit too bored to have another flap right now since I'm not really a collector.:confused1:

    Please help me make this decision!Thank you very much!:okay:
  2. don't see any pics???
  3. Sorry,forgot the pics.:p BTW, I tried to post a 228 pic but failed, so the 3rd one is a 227, 228 has the new chain though, it doesn't matter, please just jurge from the color and the leather.
    IMG_5704TPF.jpg IMG_5873.jpg mb reissue.jpg
  4. I would get another style -- there are so many great ones this season. Why not try a variation on the flap, like the bubble flap ?
  5. Hi Lulilu, thank you for your fast response! I was thinking of the bubble flap in green color, it's cute but not the one I can't live without you know, and before I got those 2 flaps, I bought a blue perforated bag, now I still like it but not as much as the other 2 classic styles, so now I try not to buy those "new" styles unless it really catches my eyes. And you are right, maybe I will wait for next season and see what new colors are coming!:wlae:Thank you for your opinion lulilu!
  6. I would think it's alright to have all 3 as I am a flap lover...and they are either different on colors or size...

    The decision is yours...are you a flap lover? if not, maybe you should choose something else.
  7. I like that the metallic black is similar yet diff enough to round out your collection, that is if you realllly love black flaps. It's good to diversify your collection, but it's a better idea to get a bag you will actually use.

    BTW your doggie kills me every time I see pic of him! Sooo cute
  8. If you like big bag, then how about MC tote?
  9. If you love the Black Metallic then I'd say keep it! other than the metallic's are only seasonal. Metallic reissues are really TDF! esp dark silver and black. and black is very versatile. and for me. it isnt that similar with your black patent reissue. although they do have the same color and shiny look. but they do have different look. different color in hardware. and IMHO i prefer the black metallic than the black patent reissue.
    But if you're bored and dnt intend to collect. then i'd say, return it. and buy something you really like and you think you could really get a use of:yes:
    But the ultimate decision is yours. Good luck!:smile:
  10. metallic blk is similar to the blk patent, it's better not to get the metallic blk. if u really want another reisuee, how about dark sliver??

    BTW, yr dog is soooooooooo cute, i love it.
  11. I think they are totally different .... it may be same shape and same color. But the hardware is different, which means you can match with different color jewelry. And also the material is different, ones super glossy and the other one is like what my bf likes to describe as "spilled soy sauce".
  12. Thank you all ladies for your help! :tup:

    After reading all your advice, I think right now, I have no problem with getting a mb 228, like IceEarl, ldldb and Poosdarling said those 3 bags are different in many ways, and I am a flap lover actually, Katie123, thank you for your suggestion, I like the MC tote too, but I have tried it on many times but didn't feel right on me.:push: So I think the flaps are the most classic Chanel's signature!

    And thank you for liking my doggie!:p
  13. Thank you for your suggestion!Dark silver is really nice, but I haven't seen one IRL, if I see one, maybe I'll like it!
  14. I think you made the right choice. The black metallic is TDF.
  15. Thank you very much! I compared my bp gh and mb 228, I really like both of them, that's the problem aha!