Silver Cotton Club Tote - color transfer?

  1. I picked up a silver Cotton Club Tote yesterday, and I was getting ready to use it this week, when an awful thought occured to me. It's so light, I was wondering if anyone has had any trouble with color transfer? I don't want to cut off the tags just yet until I've asked ya'll about this.
  2. Nope. No color transfer issues for me.
  3. None for me either, and I wear black tops and skirts w/it all the time.
  4. that's so nice to know. i was wondering this too since i'm thinking about getting one. thanks for asking the question!
  5. ooh- good question!

    (and juniormint, LOVE the seinfeld referrences with your name!)
  6. Thanks everyone! I can cut the tags now.
    C1976 - always great to see another Seinfeld fan on the board!
  7. do you mind me asking how much is it? =) is it the one that is 1995? =) thanks
  8. Yes, it was $1995. I cut the tags off and I'm going to be using it tomorrow!
  9. Nope! no color transfer for me too! I have got this bag for more than three weeks and everything is extra care to it...I just throw it around!
  10. Congrats Juniormint, please post pics. =)
  11. No problems with mine either. I wear it with suits and with jeans.
  12. Another Seinfeld fan here! Can't decide whether to buy the bronze or the silver. How did YOU decide?