Silve Reissue: 227. Anywhere in the world. Where?

  1. Hey!

    I am on a search for the silver reissue in the 227 size. Had one on hold it was sold. Anyone know anywhere in the world i can find one. Its sold out in the US & Australia.
    I also need the email or contact number of the location.

    I am urgently looking for this bag.

  2. Try Natick NM (I swear they have everything!) - SA is Mariana and phone is [SIZE=-1](508) 620-5700 (but ask the operator to transfer you as I don't have the exact extension). Good luck!
  3. hey!

    so when i ask for a connection do i say can i be transfered to Mariana?

    or just to that department?

    thanks so much i will try there tomorrow before paris.
  4. anyone got any other ideas? any siting in department stores- chanel couldnt help me all the boutiques in the states are sold out!