silly question... does it matter to you.....

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  1. Hello TPFers......:love:

    i had a poll last week because i had a hard time deciding on getting either the damier nolita or the ribera mm, although the ribera won by a landslide, i really, really liked the nolita more.... so off i went yesterday to LV to get it,
    BUT i was turned off when i saw the datecode, SP0055, knowing the bag is already a year and 9 months already. i had it reserved till this weekend and seriously want to buy it. it's just that the datecode is kinda bugging me since my LV all have datecodes of 0066 onwards (i was an LV virgin till august of 2006), and i was expecting it would have a datecode closer to ones i have. i just want to know if things like these matter to you TPFers?????????? should i or shouldn't i??????:confused1: :confused1:

    oh and PS, it's the last one in stock:crybaby: ..........
  2. I never looked at the date code right in store, so I guess no, I don't care.
  3. Nope, doesn't bother me in the least. I'm carrying a bag around, not a date code ;)
  4. If you like the bag, then just get it!! Don't worry about the date codes..... The Nolita is cute!! I almost bought it but instead got the Deauville. Go back and buy your Nolita!!!
  5. thanks girls :flowers: .......i appreciate all your thoughts.......
  6. It doesn't matter to me as long as the bag is perfect. I bought my Josephine from the boutique and it was 2 years old already before I "adopt" her.:nuts:
  7. Date code is right, perhap that isnt a bag in high demand.. If a bag is selling out right away stock is going to move fast, there for more updated date codes.

    Your bags with 0066 dates are most likely more popular bags.
  8. I wouldn't give it a second thought. I've never even looked at the date code on many of my items.
  9. Agreed:yes:
  10. The date code does not matter. In fact, I don't even look for it until I have the bag at home and remember to look for it.
  11. It doesn't matter to me....I just take a few minutes to carefully scrutinize the bag for flaws...the age doesn't matter :smile:
  12. i never look at date codes until it's home. as long as it's perfect it's fine with me.
  13. I wouldn't mind at all. It's the bag and not the datecode that calls out to me. In any case, I saw a Le Fabuleux at my local store with a 2004 datecode. Does it reduce its desirability? I think not.
  14. I agree with everybody here about the date code not really making a difference. I never look for the date code until after I'm home and sometimes not even then. I think if you love the bag, that's all that matters. Who is really gonna ask you the date code, unless you're selling it? Go get that bag, girl, before somebody else does!!
  15. it doesnt matter, just get it!