Silly pet nicknames!

  1. I call my Laszlo (a kittycat) "Poopie", "Mr Poopie Pants", and "Monsieur Henri-Louis Pwee Pwee"! C'mon, 'fess up---what are your secret silly names for your furbabies?
  2. I have two chihuahuas. One her name is Tulu so I will call her Tulu Bulu. The others name is Paxton and I call him Paxistony or Paxtonator. Not to goofy but they are a little silly. ^^LoL those are very funny.
  3. my pet chewy is called:
    1. chewylicious
    2. cheweewee
    3. chuli
    4. boopy poopy
    5. cutie patootie
    6. chewy vuitton
  4. Dogface
    Pretty Pretty Prince
    Rufus (after his middle name Rumor)
    What is it about animals and small children that drives grown adults to spew gibberish? I don't know but I love it!
  5. I call my cat Bibi. it means sweetheart in arabic =)
    actually Habibi is sweetheart but bibi is just slang.
  6. Oscar is

    Ozzy Oscar
    Oscar Poscar
    Baby Boy, Darling Boy, Pretty Boy
    Special Sausage (why????)
    Mummy's special boy

    And so on.....:shame:
  7. My two loves of my life...Violet..AKA Nona....and Lilly...Stinky..cuz she is such a stinker...together...I call them my girly culies....:nuts: :nuts: I sing it to them all the time!!
  8. Dogs:

    Snoopy - Snoopy Doopy Doo ( sing it like the theme for Scooby Doo )
    Trace - Fluff Ball


    Lucy - Lucy Lui
    Misty - Misty Kitty
  9. My dog Taz's 2 nicknames are Stinky and Puppers.

    My cat Connor's nickname is Bastard cat (yes I know that's terrible).
  10. My dog's name is Froggles Aiden. I call him Aiden, Aiden Babyhead, baby, and dummy. When I get mad at him, I call him "little slut". :shame:
  11. When they are together I call them "pippies"
    I call the red male "Mr. Pisser" or "Sir Piss Alot"
    I call the black one whose name is Millie, "Mildew"
  12. Diamond's nicknames are..

    Dime, DimeDime, Puppy, Puppy Face, Roo :smile:
  13. I used to have a black pug

    Some of her nick names:
    Hunny Bunny
    Monkey Butt (referring to her bum - which I saw lots of on walks)
    Pumpernikel (as in a dark loaf of bread)
    Greedy Guts
    Baby Love
    Love of My Life
  14. my angora rabbit who's name is furbie i called
    furbie wurbie,
    pebble pants,
    cable chewer and
    poo ploppy poobar

    she let me hold her like a baby!
    loved her loads and one day my mom give her away when i was out at my boyfriends
    she was fed up with cleaning her out when i weren't there :sad:
  15. Maya gets called zootie and tootie very frequently.