Silly Paddy Owner

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  1. So, I work at Starbucks part-time to pay for my student loans (I'm an architect by day). I work in downtown NYC, so I see all these great bags all the time! I noticed this girl with her Whiskey Paddy, so I asked her about it (because I want one!!). She said 'I don't even know anything about it. I only bought it because my sister told me it was in-fashion. It's a what???'... I could have died!!! How can you carry a 1500 (or so) bag around and not even know what it is? She wasn't carrying the lock with it either (she said it was too heavy and looked silly :wacko: ). Have you ever experienced this???
  2. No, I've never seen anyone else carrying one. But that's hysterical. Sheesh!
  3. Wow.. I only dream of money like that to throw around !
  4. Silly indeed - I just did an official paddy weigh-in and the bag weighs the same with or without the lock (we are talking about a few ounce difference here).

    Perhaps she had a fake?? ;)
  5. Maybe. I don't have a very well-trained eye. The leather looked soooo nice though.
  6. Maybe she was just having you on? Or else we need to find out what SHE does for a living!
  7. How can you have a Chloe paddington(one of the world's most mentioned bags) and not know? HMMMMMMM or shall I say, things that make you say :suspiciou MMMMMM
  8. Shame on her!!!!!
  9. Wow! That is so amazing! I wish I had a life like that too! Oh, I just bought this croc Birkin because my sister said it was nice to have. I don't know whether to be envious or just stunned... Oh wait.. I am stunned.
  10. Maybe that girl was Paris H. just kidding!.....BalenciagaLove, A CROC BIRKIN??? Whoa......:biggrin:
  11. LOL! How funny. I hope this girl was having you on because if not, she'd dumber than PH. At least that bimbo knows what she carries.

    You can just be glad that even though you're "only" working at Starbucks, you have taste and know your bags ;)