Silly help needed, asap...please

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  1. Help I have to have a bowling nickname for a holiday party...I decided on Louis ;) ala Louis Vuitton, natch....

    But how should I spell it...should I stick with Louis, knowinging everyone will prononce it Lou-is or switch to Louie, so they will pronounce it right?

  2. Go w/ Louie! :smile:
  3. ^ I agree..
  4. Louie!
  5. Thanks! I went with Louie V

    Now I will have a bowling shirt with Louie V embroidered on
  6. Man what we do for Mr. Louis LOL!:yes:
  7. That is too cute.... post a pic when you get your bowling shirt, I would love to see that..
    As an official Louie V- bowler... make us ladies proud and kick some:censor:
  8. I will not much of a bowler...add in a couple of cocktails and you imagine the results...

    The party, now an annual thing I am afraid, is jingle bowl....egads!

    One girl got so drunk last year, she forgot to change her shoes, and went home in the bowling shoes!!! :roflmfao: