Silly excitement...getting my mc keepall back..

  1. Doing the happy dance!

    LOL, it's almost like getting a new bag....I was debating getting a new MC keepall, since my sister has had mine for about a year....I mentioned to my son what I was thinking of doing....and he said, "I don't think Aunt XXXX, uses it that much really "(he is going to college near her)....I said "yeah, but she seems to really love it :s "

    So sure enough later the same day she called me and said, "don't be silly, I should have returned it long ago....I can always borrow it again, right?...."

    So she shipped it back to me....whaoo, should be here today or tomorrow. Matt, where are you....I will finally be able to take a pic for you!

    How silly to be so excited to get my own bag I am.
  2. Woo!!! How exciting! I can't wait to see modeling pics!
  3. ooohhh what color is it?
  4. Here I Am!!! Hahaha Yayayayayayayayayayay!
  5. White

  6. long have you been bugging me for the pic? Seems like forever!
  7. Yay Tink! Cant wait to see pictures!
  8. Congrats, now you don't have to buy a new one and can buy something REALLY good! :graucho:
  9. Yay, I can't wait to se modelling pics - I love MC keepalls :love:
  10. I was surprised how much they had gone up...I called the 866 line and they are now 2850!!! I think I pain $1750, something like that 3 years ago. That's a big price increase in 3 years!
  11. congrats, can't wait to see pics.
  12. Yaaay !
  13. You're not silly. You still love it and so you should be excited to get it back! I would be...
  14. What a gorgeous bag! White MC keepall, hooray! And, it's second hand from you! congrats on having her home!
  15. Yay I'm really happy for you!!!